Are Solar Panels Worth it in Texas?

So you are pondering the question of whether or not solar panels are worth it in Texas. After all, it’s a big investment and you want to make sure that your hard earned money is well spent. So, are solar panels worth it in Texas?

There’s a lot of sunshine in the great state of Texas. But, with North Texas being a little cooler than the southern parts of the state at times, it can make you wonder if solar panels are worth it. The short answer is: yes! Solar panels are absolutely worth it in Texas! 

Truth be told, solar panels are worth it just about anywhere, since the sun shines everywhere. However, having solar panels in a sunny state like Texas, California, or Florida makes it that much better as we are able to convert that much more sun into electricity. 

In Texas, we have an average of 234 sunny days. That is the perfect setting for solar panels! Solar panels are good for the environment, they don’t emit any carbon, and help reduce our carbon footprint. If you are worried about your impact on the environment, then solar panels are definitely worth it for you.

Benefits of Solar Panels

More and more people in Texas, the US, and around the world have come to understand the great benefits of having solar panels, and demand is steadily rising. 

Some of the many benefits of solar panels include:

  1. Renewable Energy – Going solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Since solar panels don’t rely on fossil fuels to create the energy that powers your home, they don’t create harmful emissions and are better for the environment. 
  2. Huge Cost Savings – Kick those monthly electric bills to the curb for good! Because solar panels use the sun to produce energy, there’s no need for you to continue paying for non-renewable energy for your home. 
  3. Return on Investment – There are many variables that go into determining how long it will take to pay off your solar system but, with tax credits and other incentives, it’s not unusual to break even long before the lifetime of your solar panels ends. Solar panels can also make you money! Not only can you sell back your unused excess solar energy, but solar panels also increase the resale value of your home!
  4. Solar Tax Credit – The state of Texas has made a great effort to help promote the benefits of using renewable energy for our electricity needs by offering a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit for installing solar panels. Find out more about this below.

Here in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, we have seen a steady interest in solar panels. Everyday, more people are finding out that with solar panels, they can control their energy costs, become energy independent, and even sell their unused solar energy back to the electric company. Even with all the benefits, are solar panels worth it in Texas based on the cost?

Cost of Solar Panels in Texas

Before factoring in cost-saving incentives, the average cost of solar panels in Texas breaks down to about $17,700, based on a cost of $2.95 per Watt for a typical 6 kilowatt solar system. However, this is an average and not every solar system is the same. Your cost may differ depending on your unique solar needs. 

Factors that Affect the Size and Cost of Your Solar System

Solar panels aren’t right for everyone, and before installing solar panels, it’s important that each homeowner’s needs are taken into consideration to make sure that a solar system makes financial sense for each individual homeowner. 

  1. Energy Consumption – To determine if going solar is right for you, Solartime USA looks at your overall energy consumption as well as your energy needs and costs. During this process, we look at your energy bills to see what the average cost of your electricity is to determine how big of a system you would need. We also take into account how much your energy provider charges for the electricity they provide for you, and if they have any incentives for going solar. We also consider whether you want to off-set part or all of your energy consumption with solar and what your ideas are for your solar system. 
  2. Cost Saving Incentives – Something else to consider is whether or not your city or county has any incentives that can bring the cost of your solar system down even more than the 26% Federal Tax Credit.
  3. Location – Your home’s location and where on your property would be the best place for the solar panels can also affect the size and location of your solar system.
  4. What You Plan to Power – We also take into consideration any other things that you want to power with your solar system such as a solar pool heater, or an electric car. 
  5. Financing vs Cash Payment – Were you looking to finance your system or pay for it in cash? Would you prefer to pay for part of it upfront or would you rather get your solar system with zero out of pocket costs?

So, are solar panels worth it in Texas? As you weigh out the pros and cons of the cost of solar panels, don’t forget to also factor in the effect they will have on the value of your home.

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value in Texas?

Owning solar panels actually increases the value of your home! According to an article in Money Magazine, home value increased by an average of 4.1% with solar panels. Considering the cost of an average home, that is a lot of money!

Texas Solar Incentives – The Solar Tax Credit

In an effort to encourage the use of solar energy, the federal government is currently offering a 26% Solar Tax Credit through December 31st, 2020. In January 2021, this tax credit will drop to 22%. 

There are also different solar incentives offered by some cities and energy providers in Texas. The professionals here at our Dallas solar company know all of the Texas solar incentives available and will make sure that you benefit from as many as possible. 

We’ve Helped Homeowners All Over TX Convert to Solar Energy – Are You Next?

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