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Since I remotely assisted my daughter and her husband with their solar system installation for their house in Oahu, Hawaii, I was curious if I could also benefit from a solar system. I responded to an internet post and received four responses (I had asked for only four). The very first was from Solartime. All four offered to come to my home to give me an analysis and job bid, but I decided to just work with two of them. Solartime's representative met with me at my home in Plano and did a thorough analysis and proposal. In my case, I was looking at a system purchase as an investment. He added to my solar system knowledge by educating me on aspects I had not considered. He was not at all pushy and was very focused on making me a happy customer by specifying components I requested based on what I had learned helping my daughter’s system. He did persuade me to install two central inverters with panel optimizers versus per-panel micro-inverters based on Solartime experience and industry research. I had been leaning toward the micro-inverters because my daughter’s installer recommended them. But Solartime's rep explained they don’t hold up as well in our Texas heat.
He also informed me about a rebate program offered by the City of Plano, producing all required paperwork for me to submit – a fairly detailed process that had to be followed precisely to avoid being disqualified. The result was a $5000 rebate from the City of Plano. He also explained how I will receive a 30% federal income tax credit off this year’s taxes. As a result, my net cost for a high-quality 9.9 KW system will be half of my total cost. In addition, He pointed me to Green Mountain Energy as my electric retail provider since they pay the same amount for electricity my system produces as they charge for their electricity I use. For the two months with solar credits, the savings have been significant. Part of my proposal was an included radiant barrier in my attic. As a result of the 30-panel solar system and the radiant barrier, Solartime projected my total annual electric cost to be virtually zero.
Solartime provided a high-quality permit submission to the City of Plano, which was accepted with no issues. Their installers did an excellent job, which I personally watched because I am retired and wanted to see how it all went together. They also were on hand to meet with the City inspector for the final inspection, answered all his questions and made some minor adjustments, resulting in a passing inspection the first time.
It has been a pleasure working with Solartme’s management and employees. I really like the fact that they are both a local (Richardson) family-owned company but also one that has done many, many installations here and also internationally. And I can personally vouch for them going above and beyond to ensure I am happy with my system.

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